Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very-inspirational-bloggerThank you to Khaula Naxir (My Invincible Spirit) and Kelli Beck (Wordsmithing Ain’t Easy) for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It was very nice of you to think of me. One thing that I have already discovered about this award is that it is a great way to discover other interesting blogs. Thank you!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is awarded to a blogger who makes blogging fun and cheerful.

The Rules:

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Announce your win with a post and link back to the person who nominated you.
  • State 7 interesting things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them.
  • Let them know you have nominated them.

My 15 Amazing Nominees (in no particular order and OMG, it was so hard to limit the list to 15!):

  1. Road Tripping Europe (
  2. Ink Paper Pen (
  3. Misbehaved Woman (
  4. Silver Threads (
  5. LatinOPen (
  6. Human Writes (
  7. Hovercraft Doggy (
  8. Depression Time (
  9. Unbound Boxes Limping Gods (
  10. Ratiocinativa (
  11. Grass, Roots & Grains (
  12. Wanton Ruminating (
  13. Jenny Jaybles (
  14. Food Flavor Fascination (
  15. Traveling Cookie (

7 Things About Me:

  1. I would like to take some serious time off and hike the Pacific Northwest Trail.
  2. I work as an editor/proofreader/writer.
  3. I would like to visit every continent before I die.
  4. I would like to get to know an elephant.
  5. I’m trying to learn Spanish and Russian.
  6. My great grandfather was a stowaway on a ship that sailed from Denmark to the U.S.
  7. I love the beach. Sometimes I think I want to live there.

16 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

  1. Congratulations! Love your 7 things – that hike would be an incredible one to make!

    Thanks for passing the award along to me; I’m slower than frozen molasses about getting them done but i WILL get it posted as soon as I can 🙂


  2. Hahahh….you love the beach that much?? It’s really interesting to know things about you.
    Anyways, great post!!!


    1. Yes! Although some beaches I have loved more than others:
      1) Cancun, Mexico (great beach, but you have to pay for a place to sit down on it…what????)
      2) Cozumel, Mexico (white sands, fresh air, potential for snorkeling, lovely)
      3) Beach behind the Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico. (lovely!)
      4) Oregon beaches (beautiful, but windy and cold; the fog when it’s there is supercool; they face the wrong direction.)
      5) Texas beaches (would be cool enough, but for the heavily developed gas and oil industry, which last time I visited, had pretty much destroyed them.)
      6) Beach in Yalta, Ukraine (interesting, but sand is replaced by tiny pebbles that each have a cross on them.)
      7) Beaches in Hawaii. (Like heaven but watch for jelly fish.)
      8) Where’s my next beach? 😉


    1. I’ve got to do some research. Beaches that are currently on the list are: Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Argentina. The problem is that I don’t know enough about any of these places, yet. Seems like Cuba would be fun because they’ve got great music too! (But I don’t know about the political situation) Beaches are like books. So many beaches, so little time. 🙂


  3. A few things:
    1. PNW, sigh.
    2. You are a PROFESSIONAL editor and you READ (and subscribe) to my weekly vat of blubbering vitriol that is Travelingcookie?

    But, thanks! A cupcake to you, Word Wabbit. A cupcake to you, you saintly patron.


  4. We have point 3 in common =) I would LOVE to visit the whole wide world before I die. Im just so fond of travelling, and never have experienced going abroad except when I was a little kid :/


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